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Why Are Lubricant And Oil Price Going Up?

    Record petrol and lubricant prices are a direct result of climbing oil prices. The price of oil bottomed out in the spring of 2020 during the Covid-19 crash, but today a barrel of oil fetches almost $130 in the U.S., with higher prices a direct result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, aided by strong consumer demand as the world moves on from Covid-19 and weak supply as the leading oil-producing nations throttle output and increased sanctions against Russia.

    Oil Prices

    Russia’s war in Ukraine went from a threat to reality in late February, which caused crude oil prices to briefly rise above $100 a barrel before retreating back towards $90. Over the following two weeks, crude oil prices climbed steadily as the U.S. and its western allies imposed crippling sanctions on Russia. Energy giants such as Shell, BP and Exxon all pulled out of Russian energy deals, while the Biden administration has announced a ban on importing Russian oil and other petroleum products, which represents about 8% of U.S.-bound crude shipments.

    Lubricant Prices

    Lubricant manufacturers have issued their fourth price rise on finished lubricants, greases, chemicals, coolants, DEF, and types of antifreeze since January 2022. These latest increases are being blamed on the conflict in Ukraine, prolonged market stress and rising prices for everything from raw materials to additives, packaging, shipping, and logistics. Finding the greatest deal is more critical than ever, and fortunately for you, Selected Supplies goes above and beyond to get the finest deal for all of its clients! By finding the deals so that you don’t feel the brunt of these price increases. 

    Selected Supplies has saved clients thousands of dollars through leveraging a global supply chain, smart sourcing and buying in bulk directly from suppliers. This allows Selected Supplies to cut out the ‘middle man’ and give clients the best prices available. 


    Get The Most Out Of Your Engine

    Numerous kinds of vehicle lubricants are used in trucks, including engine oil, gear oil, transmission oil, greases, and other fluids. While each of them serves a distinct role, they all serve the same aim of reducing friction between moving components. As a result, it is essential to use the highest-quality vehicle lubricants to keep your truck running.

    One of the most critical aspects of lubrication is keeping the engine operating correctly, particularly since replacing or fixing an engine may sometimes cost more than acquiring a new vehicle. When injected as a coating between two solid surfaces, a lubricant lowers friction, heat, and wear. Using the proper lubricant extends the life of your motor engines, gearboxes, and equipment, saving you money and time over the long run, as well as, improving the efficiency and reliability of your vehicles.

    To ensure the least chance of damage to components and prolong their life, the best course of action is to use high-quality lubricants. Lubricants protect components and ensure that all of the moving elements of a functional engine operate smoothly and without excessive heat.  A vehicle that has been maintained using higher-quality lubricants may gain anything from a few thousand to up to 100,000 kilometres of additional life.

    However, finding these lubricants in places like Mozambique,  Zambia and Zimbabwe can be challenging. Luckily Selected Supplies is a leading supplier of lubricants, spare parts and accessories within the African Market. Having a healthy engine can save you money in maintenance and downtime. So, take the time and make sure your truck has the best possible lubricants to keep it happy and healthy. With the help of Selected Supplies, you can keep your trucks in top shape while saving money.

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