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Where to get Truck Parts in Zambia?

    It can be tricky knowing where to find parts for your truck in Zambia– especially if you don’t live there! Even more tricky can be knowing where to look for said parts. Trucks are subject to gruelling long-distance journeys which take an obvious toll on their inner and outer mechanisms and workings. Because of this, it is essential that you know where to go when your truck is in need of some care. In a vast and often chaotic industry, there may seem to be little options on solutions for your truck parts provider search, however, it’s not all doom and gloom, because there’s always options in today’s ever-increasing globally-connected world. One such option is always Selected Supplies. 

    How Can Selected Supplies Help You? 

    Selected Supplies have a team full of key industry experience who understand the logistical and supply needs of trucks, especially in the remote parts of Southern Africa, like Zambia. They offer a comprehensive list of truck parts in Harare and beyond, as well as highly sought-after accessories and products from top, reputable suppliers like Mercedes, Detroit Diesel, Total, and many more. Check out their list of truck parts below: 

    • Cummins engine
    • Detroit Diesel engine
    • Mercedes engine
    • Rims
    • U-joints
    • Belts
    • Air
    • Hydraulic
    • Electrical
    • Cores
    • Brake systems 
    • Hoses
    • Cooling systems 
    • Batteries
    • Filters
    • Shock absorbers
    • Clutches
    • Suspension 
    • Trailer and truck body parts

    In addition to these truck parts, they are industry leaders in supplying filters, tyres, and lubricants. They work with established suppliers such as Total, Trucktec Automotive, and Valvoline, and are also stockists of generators from world-renowned brand Cummins, Kipor and Firman.  

    What’s In It For You? 

    As leaders in the trucking and automotive industry, Selected Supplies has placed a high value on quality of product and service, and they have cultivated and nurtured a huge passion for partnering with forward-thinking businesses and companies who seek to support regional economic, infrastructure, and community growth while supplying the local transport industry with superb service and expertise. They have been sourcing and supplying products and parts based on their target industries for years now, and their experience in this area has contributed to their overall growth in the local transport industry. That being said, when looking for parts for your truck and trying to decide what path to take, the best things to look out for is experience and good service within the transport industry, because that’s where you’ll find what you need.  

     It may not be easy to procure specific parts or accessories for your truck, but as mentioned before, there’s always options in today’s connected world. The local transport industry can be a competitive one, so it’s imperative to do your research. When it comes to truck parts, supplies, and accessories in Zambia, always remember to seek first and foremost a provider with experience and knowledge of the local transport industry, like Selected Supplies 

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