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Types Of Truck Tyres

    Truck tyres serve a variety of purposes, depending on their location on the truck. These are identified by the axle on which they are positioned.

    To begin, the steering tyres are located at the front and are responsible for steering. They will control any steering wheel input. They are decoupled from the engine to allow for optimal steering control. These are located in the centre of the vehicle or close to the engine.

    The drive tyres are next; these tyres control the engine’s output, propelling the vehicle forward or backward. These tyres, unlike the front steer ones, are not meant to turn, but rather to spin forward or backward. These are positioned close to the engine to keep the driveshaft short and the engine’s power input efficient.

    Finally, there are trailer tyres; these tyres are mounted at the rear and are responsible for the trailer’s control. Unlike the steer and drive tyres, they function only to maintain the trailer’s upright position. Trailer tyres spin exclusively in the forward and reverse directions; they do not revolve in any other direction and are not linked to the engine.

    Types Of Tyres

    There are light commercial vehicles (pickup trucks and vans capable of transporting up to 4–5 tons of goods), medium trucks for regional freight transportation, and big line-haul trucks. Most truck tyres are all-season, while few northern nations sell winter truck tyres. Winter truck tyres are rarely used owing to their high cost and generally favourable circumstances for heavy-duty vehicle driving in the winter. Along with the well-known distinction between road and off-road tyres, truck tyres are classified into numerous additional subclasses: long-haul tyres for “long-haul” heavy-duty trucks operating on high-quality roads, multipurpose tyres are used for regional freight transportation, and tyres for construction equipment and other heavy-duty machinery that operate in a variety of road conditions. There are several possibilities and selecting truck tyres requires knowledge of not only the specifications of your equipment, but also the operating circumstances in which it operates.

    Every Tread Counts

    When it comes to truck supplies in Mozambique, having the right tyres is critical. The pricing and durability of truck tyres are the most important parameters. A small truck fleet owner replacing tyres puts a lot of money on the line. Selected Supplies can retread your set using Bandag materials and the Bandag process. This technology may deliver up to 80% of a new tyre’s mileage at a fraction of the cost. The fewer retreads needed, the better. A huge multi-wheeled and multi-axle vehicle is more stable, needs less braking, and is more resistant to potholes and pits. Truck tyres are affected not only by the driver’s style or the road conditions, but by the tyre’s load and pressure management. The truck tyre is vulnerable to both overloads and low-pressure driving which can cause damage to the truck, trailer, and road.

    Visit a Selected Supplies location near you to guarantee your truck tyres fit the road safety requirement. Allow our professionals to evaluate the size and condition of your truck’s tyres. You’ll drive away certain that your truck tyres are appropriately matched to the job at hand. Selected Supplies can offer you with support and truck supplies in Mozambique now.

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