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4 Ways to Make Your Truck Last Longer 

    Commercial trucks can be tough to look after, and more than that, maintenance can be expensive. It’s no surprise that a large percentage of roadside breakdowns or highway accidents are caused by heavy-duty trucks. While there are many reasons to attach to this, one, in particular, is a common thread amongst all commercial trucks, and that’s the care that they get. This may sound silly at first, however, looking after a truck is not something to be taken lightly.  

    Trucks are often on the road for upwards of twelve hours at a time and are usually hauling very heavy items. This means that they have to be in tip-top shape to perform their gruelling duties in the best and most efficient ways possible. That’s where caring for the truck comes in. It’s so important to make sure your truck is ‘healthy’, that we’ve compiled a list of four ways you can take care of your truck so that it continues to serve you well into the future!  

    Regular Radiator Inspections 

    An incredibly vital part of keeping your truck running smoothly is performing regular radiator inspections before and after making a long trip. Leaks in your truck’s cooling system can cause serious overheating issues which is a sure-fire way to ensure a limited lifespan on it. Make sure you get any leaks repaired as soon as you spot them! 

    Follow A Maintenance Schedule 

    When it comes to maintenance, the best source to refer to is the manufacturer of your truck. They will have a recommended service schedule that the truck should follow, and it will definitely be the best one to go by as they created it. This is a great way to make sure that you’re giving your truck every opportunity to thrive for longer.  

    Regular Tire Checks 

    Tire maintenance plays one of the most important parts in extending the lifespan of your truck, which is why performing regular tire checks on your truck is an absolute must. Tires that aren’t checked for correct pressure or slow punctures may become under-inflated, which can cause all sorts of issues with fuel mileage and steering and can force you to change your tires sooner than you’d normally need to. The bigger issue with driving with worn tires is the possibility of a blowout, which can result in much more severe damage to the truck as a whole.  

    Use High-Quality Parts from a Trusted Supplier 

    The best way to avoid any issues with your truck is to properly equip it with the best. Whether it’s truck supplies in Zambia or truck supplies in Mozambique, when you use parts from Selected Supplies for your truck, you can rest assured, knowing that you’re giving it the best chance to carry on well into its lifespan and continue hauling for years to come. 

    These high-quality truck parts can include engines, tires, filters, shocks, and many more, and all of these are supplied by Selected Supplies. They supply and source only the highest quality truck parts, truck spares, and truck supplies.  

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